Research Areas

Thomas Dingus, Ph.D – “Human  Factors in Transportation”

Tom Dingus


Stefan Duma, Ph.D.“Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”

H. Clay Gabler III, Ph.D. – “Impact Injury Biomechanics and Computational Modeling”

F. Scott Gayzik, Ph.D. – “Human Body Finite Modeling, GHBMC, Medical imaging for human body model reconstruction, Military Biomechanics, Bioheat Transfer”

Warren Hardy, Ph.D. – “Automotive Crash Testing, Impact/Injury Response/Tolerance, Surrogate Development, Micro/Macro Mechanisms of Trauma”

Andrew Kemper, Ph.D. – “Injury/Impact Biomechanics, Automotive Safety, Thoracic Response/Injury Tolerance, Material/Structural Properties of Biological Tissue,Effect of Muscle Activation on Occupant Kinetics/Kinematics”

Andrew Kemper

Steve Rowson, Ph.D. – “Concussions in Sports Biomechanics”

Steve Rowson

 Joel Stitzel, Ph.D.” Computational Modeling, Anthropometry, CIREN, AACN”

Costin Untaroiu, Ph.D. – “Computational Biomechanics, Design & Evaluation of Safety Systems”

Pam VandeVord, Ph.D. – “Investigating injury at the cellular level”