Tyler A. Kress


Tyler Kress

Dr. Kress’ primary area of expertise and experience is engineering safety – including particular emphasis in biomechanics, human factors, product design, and accident reconstruction.  His educational background is unique in that he has engineering B.S. and M.S. degrees in Engineering Science and Mechanics with heavy emphasis on design and a major concentration of biomedical engineering for both.  This engineering science and design background is coupled with an engineering Ph.D. with concentration in human factors engineering and a dissertation titled “Impact Biomechanics of the Human Body” involving significant research in understanding human injury and how to minimize it through product design and system safety.  As a professor and researcher at major universities, having served as the Director of a university’s Engineering Institute for Trauma & Injury Prevention, and with numerous years of experience serving in a consulting capacity, Dr. Kress has worked extensively on human interfacing, product safety management, and hazards communications involving injury prevention.  He is a Ceritified Industrial Ergonomist and a Certified XL Tribometrist.


Dr. Kress’ extensive work experience includes research, teaching and consultation involving applying safety, engineering and medical methodologies in understanding and advancing knowledge areas such as injury causation, accident analysis, vehicular/equipment safety and design, product liability, and occupational disorders.  Dr. Kress has numerous publications and presentations to his credit pertaining to engineering and safety issues involving such topics as biomechanical engineering, human factors, product safety, and accident reconstruction.  He has conducted research on behalf of major automotive and motorcycle manufacturers, the American boating industry, sports equipment manufacturers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and various other industries, organizations, and corporations.  He has consulted frequently in litigation and non-litigation related matters for various nationally and internationally recognized companies including numerous insurance companies, trucking companies, construction/agriculture equipment companies, manufacturers of recreational vehicles and equipment, cruise lines, automotive manufacturers, major restaurant chains, etc.


  •  (865) 548-1071
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  •  The University of Tennessee
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