Peter J. Apel, MD, Ph.D.

Peter Apel


Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (The Neuroscience Program)

Loyola University Chicago

Research Focus

Dr. Apel came to Wake Forest with a background in pediatric orthopedic research. However, at Wake Forest, Dr. Apel has focused on peripheral nerve injury. He was the first Physician Scientist to enroll in a PhD program (Neuroscience), has passed his preliminary exam and is now a PhD candidate. Dr. Apel’s main work and the subject of his PhD thesis focus on the problem of decreased nerve regeneration with aging. Specifically, he is interested in the neuromuscular junction and how declining GH and IGF-1 affect neuromuscular recovery. His research has been presented at international and national meetings. In addition, Dr. Apel has worked with Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) on developing keratin-based scaffolds for peripheral nerve regeneration. Dr. Apel has been very successful in obtaining numerous competitive grants and awards.

Additional Information


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