New VTTI study focuses on serious and fatal crashes

Nov. 29, 2010 –

BLACKSBURG, VA — Serious and fatal accidents are the focus of a new study through the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.  Clay Gabler with the Center for Injuries and Biomechanics tells us the study will allow researchers to take a closer look at road departure crashes.  “We have a lot of data about car to car crashes, but we have very little data about road departure crashes,” said Gabler.  One phase of the study will focus on passenger vehicles, and the second phase will focus on motorcycles.  “We will look at things such as road side barriers, guard rails and concrete barriers,” said Gabler. Gabler tells us there will be five researchers working on the studies and they will also work with other research groups across the U.S.  “We know that there’s a problem, that these are particularly dangerous accidents, but what we don’t know are the details of the crashes,” said Gabler.  “We will be taking a much closer look, an in-depth investigation into those crashes.”  The study on passenger vehicles is expected to take four years, and the motorcycle study is expected to take two years.  “We just hope the study will show the need for safety education,” said Gabler.  “We also want to see if we can help make our roadways safer.”